ATTA Constitution

American Tamil Teachers Association


  1. Name, Purpose and Membership
  2. Name.The organization shall be known as the American Tamil Teachers Association (ATTA).
  3. Purpose.The objective of the Association shall be to help with expanding the Tamil learning all over North America for K12 students/Adults, aiding/maintaining the National assessment standards for Tamil, helping Tamil teachers all over North America as certified assessors for Tamil Language, teacher training, and to further the common interests of Tamil teachers of these subjects.
  4. Members.The members of the Association shall be such persons as may be admitted to membership in the manner provided in Section I.5 hereof.
  5. Classes of Membership.There shall be the following classes of membership in the Association.

(a) Standard Members. Regular members are teachers of Tamil Language or Literature or persons who are otherwise professionally involved with or have a keen interest in the Tamil language. Regular members are entitled to vote.

New classes of membership, designated for fundraising purposes, may be created upon recommendation of the Executive Board and the vote of the individual members.

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